Choosing an Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum for Your Child

An Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum is a program of learning with the aim to help children meet their full potential in nursery classes and toddler classes. It supports a link between home activities and a more structured learning program advocated nationally for children between the ages of one year old and five years of age.

Therefore, seeking an early years school in Bangkok should be based on this objective. The EYFS program was formerly introduced in the UK and now is used worldwide. It supports childhood learning and development so all of a child’s needs are addressed. The framework for EYFS learning is based on several principles and themes, each of which recognizes children individually and assumes that they are competent learners.

Learning to Think Critically

This form of learning is founded on creative and critical thinking and active learning. Children cover various areas such as understanding the world at large, expressing themselves through art and design, and developing their literacy and math skills. Teachers use learning aids that help a child grow socially and emotionally and communicate better through sharing.

Broadening Your Child’s Horizons

To broaden a child’s experiences at an early age, specialist programs are featured in Thailand. These programs are offered in designated sessions by qualified Thai teachers. Some of the programs include physical education and swimming. Children over three years old learn to build confidence while engaged in water activities.

Does Your Child Have Additional Needs?

Specialist programs also extend to the area of special education. A Thai teacher manages the provisions and assessments of children with additional needs. Children in Thailand can also participate in learning English as an extra language. Qualified EAL teachers deliver programs daily that support this learning requirement. Therefore, children feel empowered by what they learn. When this happens, they can go into the higher grades with confidence and strength.

The Sooner a Program Starts, the Better

The sooner you start your child on a regular curriculum of learning, the better. If you want him or her to adjust socially and academically, you must make it a priority to review the merits of early learning for children one to five years old. Don’t overlook the importance of this type of curriculum.

Using Play and Exploration to Foster Development

Your child’s early learning experiences can affect him or her in the future. That is why starting out with a positive learning experience through play and exploration is so important to a child’s continued progress and development. By taking a proactive stance in your child’s educational needs in Thailand, you will give your child the kind of head start that will mean the difference between excelling in school or merely getting by.

Putting the Parent and Child First

Choosing an EYFS school in Thailand paves the way for parents to take control of all of their children’s learning and developmental needs.

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