How to Equip Your Child with Entrepreneurial Skills

A modern education, to be truly effective, will develop entrepreneurial skills within a child. The culture of the school will allow the child to develop them naturally, so it is important to be aware of what skills schools encourage students to learn.

There are a few entrepreneurial skills that you should look out for when searching for schools. Here is a list of those key skills.


An entrepreneur is required to identify problems and create a solution.

In order for this to happen, the child must be curious about the world and how things work. They must develop an interest in both objects and systems.

This international school in Bangkok (due to open in August 2020) has an architecture that will facilitate this exploration. The innovative classroom structure will promote learning in a variety of learning styles. Students will be able to co-operate in a group or work individually within the cleverly designed learning spaces.

Students at this international school will be encouraged to develop a genuine interest in the world around them to educate themselves about different cultures and the necessary qualities in a global community.

Strategic thinking

Strategic thinking allows a student to strip away the outer layers and tackle the true core of an issue.

Students will focus on the real problem and not be distracted by the side-issues. This international school in Bangkok will teach students to make a decision when given options, so they train their ability to make a decision while analysing the possible future outcomes, which directly links to strategic thinking.

Time management

One of the most useful skills a child can learn is time management.

Having a firm grasp of modern time management techniques will not only benefit the student in their eventual career but will also assist them to manage their studies.


When tackling a problem, both in school and real life, the student will benefit from learning techniques such as the Pareto principle (80/20 rule).

Students will learn that 80% of the results will be generated by only 20% of their actions, and thus learn to tackle the important issues first.

An important entrepreneurial skill is that students learn to identify what that 20% is.


A focus on language and communication skills will have an impact on the student’s work in all aspects of community/school life.

A confident communicator will develop skills that allow them to dominate a room. This international school in Bangkok demonstrates these principles in the clear communication channels it has created.

The school also places a high value on the student learning languages, so they develop their social skills and are prepped for living globally.

This international school has a very holistic approach to the school’s environment. The school has developed a program that extends well past the formal minimum curriculum and seeks to generate a customized experience that places the child at its core.

The future: On graduation, it is hoped that students will have utilized a wide range of courses to achieve a high school diploma that will equip them for higher education and entrepreneurial understanding that will ensure a bright future, on any international stage. None of which would be possible without a culture of developing confidence and the mindset that allows students to have a major input into their own learning path.

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