Studying in America is different from studying in China

Unlike the Chinese college entrance examination, the American university is a more open system. It is more like a “point system” than a“one size fits all” for the college entrance exam. In the United States, high school students can study AP courses in advance, and they can transfer credits to colleges, thus reducing the pressure on learning. They also have a high degree of flexibility in choosing a major. As long as they meet the requirements for courses and credits, they can apply to transfer to themselves. Interested in the profession.

In short, in colleges and universities in the United States, it is like upgrading the scores when playing games, or constantly clicking on skill points. When a certain level is reached, new tasks are started, and the direction of their own ability can be adjusted. Many things are controllable. This offers many possibilities for students. In particular, students like me who graduated from high school and studied abroad may not have thought about what they will do in the future before studying. The freedom of flexible choice is very precious.

To take advantage of the various favorable policies of the school, you must first understand the relevant information. The information of universities in the United States is very open, and relevant policies will be disclosed on the official website. This is very different from the official website of many schools in China. But correspondingly, there is no teacher here to remind students to do what to prepare, and everything is left to the students to understand.

Whether you are going abroad or after going abroad, it is very important to read the official website of the school. For example, I am currently reading the direction of General Engineering, and I plan to switch to the CS direction in the sophomore year. Then I have to study the courses and credit requirements for the professional needs in advance on the official website, so as not to be caught off guard.

In addition to the official website or the student intranet, the school also arranges teachers for students to consult, which is also an important resource for understanding school policies and finding shortcuts. Chinese schools may arrange for students like nannies, but the attitude of American universities is that“the information and resources are given to you, go see it yourself”, and this may be the necessary contribution to enjoy free choice.

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